My Bucket List- and why you should have one

I wrote my first Bucket list when I was around twelve. I lost the list somewhere on the way, so I'm not really sure if I've done the stuff that twelve-year old me wanted to achieve. Anyway, I'm not twelve anymore so what I wanted back then doesn't really matter anymore. So I've made a new list. It's not close to finished, but I'm sure I'll think of something more.

Not everyone has a million places and things they wanna experience. This is my contribution towards making you, who awkardly stumbled upon this blog, give more thought to fulfilling your travel dreams, and it all starts with a Bucket list.

Why not begin at the top and at least do some of it? Because as it happens, it is totally true what people say: Life is really short! Go to Taj Mahal, Climb Kilimanjaro, lay on the beaches of Thailand, behold the Opera house in Sydney and see the fjords of Norway. It is literally never too late to travel.

For inspiration..this is my Bucket list:
  1. Do a Spanish course in South America
  2. Machu Picchu
  3. See the snow-covered Andes from the city of Santiago
  4. Cycle along the canals of Amsterdam
  5. Live in New Zealand
  6. Climb the path of Mordor(It's called Milford Sound in real life I think)
  7. Climb Mount Fuji
  8. Go to the carnival in Rio de Janeiro
  9. Sandboard in Florianapolis in Brazil
  10. See the beaches of Colombia
  11. See the street art in Georgetown, Malaysia
  12. Eat tacos in Mexico
  13. Climb the Great Wall in China
  14. See the Terracotta Army in Xi'an, China
  15. Skydive
  16. Do a safari in Africa
  17. Climb that mountain in East- Malaysia I can't remember the name of
  18. See orangutans in East- Malaysia
  19. Visit Cuba
  20. And Jamaica
  21. Surf in Hawaii
  22. and in Costa Rica
  23. Live in a tree house hotel
  24. Island hopping in Greece get it..and then there's literally millions of other stuff you could do..literally.

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  1. born in southern Brazil never been to Rio de Janeiro hate its carnival and fear very much its urban violence vastly depicted in the news every single day.