About me and myself

Hi! My name is Inge, and this is my travel blog.

This is not one of those clichée stories where I sell all of my stuff and go on a never ending journey. It has been on and off for nearly five years. Two years living and traveling in Australia, and then other places here and there; South East Asia, the US and Canada, and last but not least, South America. That´s what I want to share with you here. My favorite places that no one should ever miss out on, and once in a while about my least favorite places that no one should go to..ever.

The reason I started traveling in the first place, was a friend who told me about her trip around the world. All these wonderful places and people she had met, made me go from the very ordinary Norwegian way of thinking: get an education, a job and a mortgage, to feeling that I had already miss out on so much. There was a whole world out there that I hadn't seen. I wanted to swim with dolphins, live on a sheep farm in New Zealand, see kangaroos and the beautiful beaches of Australia. I wanted to go to New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas. Vancouver and Niagara Falls. Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Bali. And wherever else my trip would take me.

I´m also kind of an art fan and when I go to an exhibition that makes an impact on me, I love to share the experience.

Most of all my blog is for inspiration, and I hope you´ll be at least a little bit intrigued by what I´ve seen and experienced, and will want to see it for yourself.

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  1. Hi there
    I am looking forward to becoming a regular reader of your blog as travelling is a great preoccupation of mine. There are many places I have not seen, lots of undiscovered venues so come on - give it to me. And art? Yea, I love that if it is good.