8 September 2013

Windjana Gorge (and traveling with strangers)

After Broome we had a difficult decision to make. We had full rental insurance on our car, but it would not cover unsealed roads, and especially mentioned in the contract; Gibb River Road. In the end we somehow decided for it. Traveling through the Kimberleys was simply too exciting to give up.

Our first stop on the Gibb River Road was Windjana Gorge National Park. It was the absolute most memorable and positive experience of the trip. As tour buses frequent the area, I assumed it would be packed to the brim with tourists, but it was a beautiful, idyllic little camping spot with full amenities. It was one of those days where we almost got through the day without an uncomfortable moment, until the German girl, complained that she was the one always making the pasta. A little bit odd, I thought, since everybody did their part in their way. How hard is it to make pasta?

Freshwater crocodile
Small quarrels like that added up through the trip. In addition when the three girls agreed on something and my boyfriend disagreed I was caught in the middle. Often, thinking back on the trip it is the palpable tension between us I remember best, not the beautiful places we went. A lot of the tension was also caused by different budgets. While Job and I had a fairly modest budget, we were willing to pay a little bit extra for comfort, the girls claimed they barely had enough to make it through the trip, which was fuel for disagreements. Some camping spots we tried to get away with not paying the full amount counting on the ranger not coming around that day. In Windjana he did come around, and oddly he thought we had paid the price in full. I am embarrassed to tell that story though, especially since the camping spot was beautiful and well- maintained, and the ranger was a happy-go-lucky Australian.

Honestly, I wanted to stay and explore the Windjana National Park one more day, but it was four against one and we were on a strict time budget as usal. That's what makes it difficult traveling with many people, not necessarily only because we didn't know each other from before, but also because each and everyone one of are different. Windjana has several tracks that takes you further into the gorge though, and is a beautiful area to explore. Would totally go back, if it wasn't thousands of kilometers to drive there....


  1. It seems the cold front kept developing, and the huge distances seemingly played a part. Good for you that Windjana Gorge National Park was so good. I personally hate crocodiles however much they are advertised.

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