3 September 2013

Eighty Mile Beach

There were plenty of beaches along the way, but only a few were memorable: Eighty Mile Beach makes me smile just thinking about it.
It is the only caravan park along the road, at least the only one remotely advertised for, between Port Hedland and Broome. It is only about 2.5 hours to Broome from there, but it was already getting dark and we wanted to arrive in Broome during the day. Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park is huge; it houses miners and gets really busy in the high season, when the 'grey' travelers(retired couples escaping the cold of the south in the winter)invades the north.

Just before sunset I walked down the path to the beach. Right before my eyes lay a beach, with light blue water and a blend of white sand and shells as far as the eye could see.

The morning after we picked shells from the beach, in every shape and colour, after witnessing a rare solar eclipse in the morning. Even though we only stayed for a night, it was a glimpse of paradise after beaches much too traveled by tourists.


  1. What a beautiful beach! Clean and white, almost Whitehaven Beach!

  2. A solar eclipse and what must be the longest beach in the world - what more could you possibly want when you are on tour? The places you visit are amazing, so special and yet so few people. The Australians surely have room for manty more immigrants.