5 September 2013

Broome- the town of Camels, Dinosaurs and Pearls

Sunset Camel ride on Cable Beach
Broome. The first civilized place after thousands of kilometers away from Perth. A town where you can ride camels on the beach in the sunset, play in the wild waves on Cable Beach or visit a Pearl Farm. A welcome break from the adventures of the Australian Outback.
Sunset at Gantheaume Point
The most memorable part of Broome was most definitely the sunsets. On Cable Beach Camels carry tourists on tired shoulders across the beautiful beach illuminated by a postcard-perfect sunset...
The Dinosaur Prints

...and at Gantheaume Point, spectacular red cliffs hover over what appears to be ancient Dinosaur Prints, at least that's the rumour. It is not easy to find though and most people seemed to search aimlessly. In addition, the cliffs to get down to the prints are slippery and unsafe. Needless to say, the Dinosaur Prints are only for the few who are determined and persistent enough.

Broome town centre itself is a pretty, little town. Unlike other pretty little towns though, half of the shops there specialize in pearls. In every shape, colour and condition; if you can imagine it, you can buy it in Broome. Willie Creek Pearl Farm is about an hour away from town. Most of the road takes you to a sandy 4WD track, which to be honest, was the most exciting part of our visit to the Pearl Farm. Unless you're wildly interested in everything pearl and satisfied just by a museum and giftshop, Willie Creek is fantastic. If you are hoping to see pearls being harvested from the sea, or the much advertised saltwater crocodiles, you have to pay some serious money for a tour.  They do have all kinds of tours, from the simple one where they pick you up from your hotel, take you on a boat cruise to the area where they harvest the pearls and a guide in the giftshop. There are also helicopter tours if you want to experience the area from air. Because we were on a backpacker budget, we didn't let ourselves spend money on that. The budget you are on makes a huge difference when traveling in Australia. If you have the money for it you can spend thousands of dollars on scuba diving, skydiving, helicopter rides and river cruises.
After Broome a different kind of trip started. After my boyfriend and I decided to stay in a hostel for the two nights in Broome and the three girls would rather camp in a caravan park to save as much money as possible, a sort of cold front started to take shape. Only a few days later it was us against them and it got really awkward. Anyway, there is still the most interesting, nerve-wrecking part to go, The Gibb River Road. A 700 kilometer road recommended for 4WD only, a spectacular and gorgeous trip through the one and only Kimberleys.

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  1. Very nice camel back picture in the sunset and all. Seems like civilization is coming to a place near you, but the distances and times baffle me with 700 km here and there, and many hours to go. Sorry about the cold front, you should have brought some Norwegian warm socks for them. Is Australia really so much about money?