9 December 2012

India: Introduction

India. A place of opposites. Beautiful and ugly. Clean and dirty. Modern and old-fashioned. Illiterate and educated. Rude and helpful. Friendly and dismissive. No matter what; India never fails to surprise and maybe even leave you short of breath at times.

Naturally after six weeks travelling in India, I am ambivalent towards India and Indians. A love-hate relationship. Starting off in the capital New Delhi, which at the time felt big and intimidating, left me with a gigantic culture-shock.  My original plan was to head for the clouds in Dharamsala where the Dalai Lama has his headquarters. After four days in a much too overwhelming city I decided to change my plans and head for sun and beach in notorious Goa. And there starts the love part of my India-relationship.

That`s one of the things that makes India so fascinating to travel in. By travelling for just a few hours you can reach a destination so entirely different than the one you travelled from that you might think you`re in a different country. Your surroundings, people, religion, tradition and food has completely changed. From beach and backwaters to mountains and tea plantations in 6 hours. Loved it.


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  1. Very good introduction and we look forward to reading more details and see pictures you have taken. What you write make us curious and wanting to travel to India which seems to be a very complex country Come on Ingeborg, give us more!!