19 September 2012

Las Vegas- Disney World for adults

Las Vegas was early on nick-named Sin City because of its lenient laws towards gambling and prostitution. Nowadays the government proclaims Las Vegas the Entertainment Capital of the world,  a place of all things fun and exciting. Like a Disney World for adults, right in the middle of the Nevada desert.
A relative in Denver fixed me up with a gambling friend in Florida who got us a great deal with flight tickets, hotel, food and tickets to a show for only $200. It's easy to find good deals on hotels in Las Vegas because the hotels naturally assume that you'll be leaving behind heaps of money after gambling and shopping inside the hotel. (It also helps if you go with someone who's gambled there a few times before.) The best hotels are clever that way; you're not really supposed to do much else than gamble, shop, eat and be entertained, everything which you can do in your hotel. We stayed at the Mirage, in the most beautiful hotel room I've seen.
The Bellagio Fountain
 If you want to see more than the inside of your hotel, The Las Vegas strip is astounding. The view of the dazzling hotels, nearly all of them playing with a theme, is mesmerizing: New York - New York has a copy of the statue of Liberty outside. Bellaggio is famous for its gorgeous fountain out front. Excalibur has the colourful fairy tale castle. But the most prominent of them all is Luxor, built as a pyramid with the recreation of the Great Sphinx of Giza. A spotlight that points directly upwards from the top of the pyramid, is so strong that it's visible from Outer Space.
The Excalibur Fairy Tale Castel
Las Vegas has an incredible amount and variety of shows. If you can imagine it, it's likely to be a show in Las Vegas. The biggest hotels all advertise their own shows of course and the competition is heavy. I saw David Copperfield at the MGM Grand, the amazing magician and illusionist, who I've admired since I can remember(seriously though). Even people who have a sceptical approach to magic and illusion, can't deny that he's pretty amazing. Ever wondered how you make 15 people go from the stage to the back of the audience in a wink, or how to make the statue of Liberty disappear? David Copperfield knows!!(yes, it is worthy of two exclamation points). To make the ordeal even better he chose me as the exclusive volunteer for one of his tricks. He put fire to a rose made of paper and in the next moment.. (tada!) he was holding a real rose and handing it to me! What a difference a rose can make.

I'm not gonna deny that a lot of time was spent in my hotel, it did really have everything. Something that took me completely by surprise though, were the ladies dressed in slutty tops and mini-skirts bringing gamblers as many free drinks they wanted for tips. The hotels really go out of their way to get you to keep gambling, you don't even have to stop to buy drinks. It's crazy and natural all at once.
After just a little while in Vegas though, you'll have adjusted perfectly to the craziness of it all.

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