19 August 2012

San Francisco- in all honesty

San Francisco is a complex city, and always portrayed as colourful, vibrant and happening. But there is more to it; a profound honesty hidden beneath it's extraordinary beauty.

Alamo Square Park
After just a couple of days in San Francisco I was left with an incredible amount of impressions. From  the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and idyllic Alamo Square Park to Telegraph Hill and Alcatraz, I was also met by poverty and homeless beggars revealing a San Francisco I was not at all aware of. Instead of maintaining that glossy, perfect image I had before I came, San Francisco now seemed more honest and vulnerable.
The Golden Gate Bridge
Don't get me wrong, I had fantastic times in San Francisco. My hostel was exquisite, the people I met delightful and I did see what I came for. Crazy, beautiful, eccentric and magical San Francisco. Just a little less glamourous and a little more honest.

If you don't have much time in San Francisco, you better start prioritizing as there is a ridiculous amount of things to see and do. There is a bare minimum though: 
The Golden Gate Bridge, Alamo Square Park, Telegraph Hill, a ride with a cable car and the Fisherman's Wharf. Actually just walking the streets is astounding, how steep are those hills! 
Cherry blossoms in April

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