31 August 2012

Hollywood- in search of a star

Hollywood. A place of dreams, hope, passion, drama, glitz and glamour. My two purposes with the visit: See (and take a photo of) the iconic Hollywood sign, but most importantly: Find Will Smith's star on the Walk of fame.

About 2400 stars are embedded in the sidewalk of Hollywood boulevard and Vine Street. I'm embarrassed to say that it wasn't until after I had searched the pavement for a good couple of hours that my research suggested that Will Smith does in fact not have a star on the Walk of Fame. I did find Johnny Depp though, who might not be the Fresh Prince, but really quite cool as well. Just sharing information. Check out this alphabetical list with specific locations if you're looking for someone special. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen actually have a star. Talk about rewarding mediocrity.  

See and take photo of the Hollywood sign. Check. 

It was the first and last day these people worked out. The view behind them is LA, as viewed from Hollywood Hills.
My fabulous hostel crew took us for a walk up the Hollywood Hills, a nice little walk with a great view of Los Angeles. Later the same night they also organized a bar crawl. And just as I expected and hoped to see in Hollywood: I met Erik, a singer/dancer/actor and one of those many hopefuls who move to Los Angeles to become famous. Funny, extroverted and packed to the brim with energy and motivation. Simply born to entertain. I was completely amazed by his stories about auditions and the following rejections for several years. Getting by with very little money, living with pretentious actors and wannabes in bare essential apartments. This was a guy who wasn't going to give up on his dreams. After meeting Erik, I no longer picture Hollywood just as a glamourous facade where dreams come true. It's also a place of tiny apartments and humiliation, where dreams are crushed. It was still a really cool place to visit though, if not else than to meet someone who can inspire you to never give up on your dreams.

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  1. You catch the spirit of the place very well - it must be a hard world in there, so many trying hard, so many not succeeding, so many left with only a story to tell - that they tried.