31 August 2012

Hollywood- in search of a star

Hollywood. A place of dreams, hope, passion, drama, glitz and glamour. My two purposes with the visit: See (and take a photo of) the iconic Hollywood sign, but most importantly: Find Will Smith's star on the Walk of fame.

19 August 2012

San Francisco- in all honesty

San Francisco is a complex city, and always portrayed as colourful, vibrant and happening. But there is more to it; a profound honesty hidden beneath it's extraordinary beauty.

13 August 2012

Seattle- the Emerald City

Seattle is the city of many things; Jimi Hendrix, Bill Gates, Sleepless in Seattle, Grey's Anatomy, The Space Needle and Starbucks' first coffee shop. To me Seattle is first and foremost a happening city, and rich in art, culture and history.