9 July 2012

I heart New York!

Vibrant Times Square
New York, New York! The city is probably one of the most filmed locations, and with good reason. There are few cities that is as exiting and vibrant as New York. A mecca of all things culture, great nightlife, shopping and an amazing variety of things to experience for everyone. If you think New York  looks great in movies go there yourself, it's even better in real life!

Horse and carriage ride in Central Park
If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Central Park is the perfect place. It's home to many activities throughout the year. You can do rock-climbing, ice skating or watch public theatre. The New York Philharmonic holds an open-air concert in the Summer and the Metropolitan Opera performs two operas. There are also almost 10 km of running tracks, and this is where the annual New York City marathon finishes.

View from the Empire State building on a gloomy day
Being an icon of New York, you shouldn't miss going up the Empire State building. Raging 443 meters above the ground, the view of New York is astounding.

Catch a play on Broadway-Times Square
In so many movies and TV-shows, there are always at least one protagonist whose dream is to get a chance to sing, dance or act at Broadway. The most famous musicals and plays have been running for years and years. Alongside Central Park, Liberty Island and the Empire State building Broadway is an icon, a must-do once you're in New York. We saw Avenue Q , an adorable musical about a college graduate who has just moved to New York hoping to fulfil his dreams. It's a mixture of human and puppet characters, inspired by Sesame Street.
Street art caught in action
Part of the NYC energy comes from the outdoor gallery of the magnificent street art. Wall paintings and art installations colour the city beautifully.

If you want to see art museums on a budget, some of the galleries have a specific day and time for free entrance.  
*MoMa, The museum of modern art has free entrance on Fridays from 4.00- 8.00 pm.
*The New Museum  (Contemporary art) has free entrance on Thursdays from 7.00- 9.00 pm.
*The Guggenheim museum has "Pay what you wish"-Saturdays from 5.45- 7.45 pm.

Life Underground- Couple holding hands
The NYC subway is home to many art works. The photo above is part of artist Tom Otterness' permanent subway- installation Life Underground. It took ten years to finish the more than 100 bronze statues which are carefully placed in the 14th Street-8th avenue station of the NYC subway.
New York skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn over the East River. It is one of the greatest landmarks in New York, and the world's largest suspension bridge. A footpath above the traffic passing underneath makes for a scenic stroll. The bridge's structure and the view of the city skyline is extraordinary.
Brooklyn is largely inhabited by immigrants and naturally has a wide variety of cultures. The different ethnicities often live in the same neighbourhood. Brooklyn has a lot to offer, perfect for  a day tour: The Brooklyn Museum, The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Prospect Park and beaches and amusement parks on Coney Island.   

Sex and the City tour: Cupkakes from the Magnolia bakery
There are several companies offering bus tours to various movie and TV-show locations. Hot spots from Seinfeld, How I met your mother, Glee, I am legend and Spider-man to mention some. A fan of  Sex and the City, I simply had to do the bus- tour. It took us to the bar they used to film Steve and Aidan's Scout, the site for Carrie and Big's rehearsal wedding dinner, and the Magnolia bakery where Miranda and Carrie buy cupcakes. Needless to say, it's not a must-do on your New York City stay!

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