2 July 2012

Gregory Crewdson- In a Lonely Place

In a Lonely Place is photographer Gregory Crewdson's exhibition at the Stenersen museum in Oslo. It consists of three series: Beneath the Roses, Fireflies, and Sanctuary, linked together by the underlying themes of alienation and loneliness. You can see In a Lonely Place in Oslo until August 5.

In Beneath the Roses (2003-2007), every photo is carefully directed with the help of a big production team, planned down to every little detail, as if a scene from a film. The photos give the spectator an insight in the lives of a few ordinary Americans. 

They awake a mysterious unease, a mixture of beauty and decay, and a brutal, unbearable loneliness. Like in any good movie every detail is of significance. That's what's so fascinating about Crewdson's photographs, nothing is left to chance. The light, the angles, the objects, and the way the characters behave, all contribute to the display of uncomfortable beauty of the  human interaction and psyche. 

The exhibition also displays how the photos were planned, showing photos of the sets before the shoot itself, and sketches of the photos beforehand, like a script written for a movie. 
Sketches of the photographs from Beneath the Roses 
Fireflies is a series in black and white expressing Crewdson fascination with nature as a mythical zone. For one summer every evening, he photographed the fireflies that came alive at dusk, illuminating the night. 

Sanctuary is taken outside of Rome from the Cinecittà studios. The location was once used by filmmakers to recreate settings of ancient Rome, New York and medieval Italy. It is now a deserted place, left in ruins. 
From the ruins of Cinecittà

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  1. Very good article.

    Crewdson is amazing the way he puts a big meaningful story into a picture.
    Follow this man, people - he has a message for all. Increased consciousness about what we do, how we live could be good for all.

    And Ingeborg / give us more!