13 June 2012

The solo traveller

For some people, just the thought of travelling alone is enough to shake them to the core. However, you don't need to be brave, self-confident or worldly to make the world your oyster.

There are many reasons to travel solo. You simply wanna see the world, try to take your mind off a bad break-up or try to "figure yourself out", without having to consider anyone else.
That's the beauty of travelling alone: You can go wherever, whenever, and for whatever reason, without having to justify it to anyone else. 

I did it most of all because I wanted to challenge myself, to see what I was really made of. I was petrified for months before I was able to set a date and destination. It didn't help that a friend bombarded me with the plot of "Taken" during planning. I was haunted by questions like: What if I get robbed, raped or kidnapped? Or almost worse; What if I don't get to know anybody?

To make things a bit less scary, I ended up with one of those well-travelled standard around-the-world routes, Singapore-Sydney-Auckland-Los Angeles-New York, altogether seven months. 

I was delighted to find how easy it was to get to know people. That's the thing about the lone-traveller, they're all open to new acquaintances and friends.

Because you meet new people all the time, you don't need a travel guide. Listen to people's stories about places they've been and choose your next destination based on that. And plan as little as possible, you might meet some great people and want to stay in a place longer than you expected.

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  1. I agree with you completely. Nice blog Ingeborg!