30 June 2012

Cairns- a mad monday indeed

After four months in Brisbane I decided it was time to see more of Australia. It was winter in Brisbane at that time, and it was tempting to go somewhere a bit warmer. I had heard good things about Cairns and was curious to see what so many backpackers before me had found so intriguing.
My first day in Cairns was warm and sunny. For the first time in about three months I was able to wear a dress again. However, I immediately sensed a certain unease. I assumed that because Brisbanites are polite and kind, all Australians must be.

In Cairns however, no one was smiling at me in the streets or politely taking my breakfast order at a nearby cafe. All around me was skepticism and unfriendly faces.

After walking around for a while just to get a feel for Cairns, a random stranger walks towards me on a zebra crossing yelling "Cock sucker" at me with an enraged look on his face. Cairns had lost its innocence and it was no turning back.

"Mad Monday" at Asylum hostel was pretty fun though. Every monday the hostel organizes a bar crawl in Cairns with discounts on drinks and food for everybody. That night, I came to realize that Cairns are loved by backpackers simply because most backpackers love to party. And Cairns have built an industry based on that fact.

My conclusion is that Cairns might be great if you love partying recklessly every day, but for someone who's recently been baptized cock sucker, not so much. Some of the kids there had been drinking for 48 hours and were still going strong when they started Mad Monday.

Yearning for yet another change, I ventured to go to Atherton Tablelands. A creepy rain-forest an hour or so away from Cairns.

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