30 June 2012

Atherton Travellers Lodge

After my disappointing two days in Cairns, I went to Atherton, a town about an hour away from Cairns. I expected mesmerizing rain forest and a working hostel which had promised farm work, that could get me a second year in Australia.

Cairns- a mad monday indeed

After four months in Brisbane I decided it was time to see more of Australia. It was winter in Brisbane at that time, and it was tempting to go somewhere a bit warmer. I had heard good things about Cairns and was curious to see what so many backpackers before me had found so intriguing.

27 June 2012

Fremantle and Perth

The Attic in Fremantle
Fremantle is one of those travel treasures that you really have to see for yourself to realize how wonderful it is. Freo has everything: Art galleries, beaches, shopping, concerts, pubs, night clubs, restaurants, coffee shops and museums. A lot of the buildings are beautifully preserved from early settlement. A beautiful, interesting, inspiring and thriving city. I heart Freo! 

17 June 2012

Morph suits

When strawberry- picking on the Sunshine Coast, my English room mate simply had to have a Morph suit. For $75(which is a lot of money for someone who works at a strawberry farm) he bought a truly sensational Morph suit in the passionate color of red, covering his entire body and face in a material that left nothing to the imagination(he didn't take the advice of using shorts). 

13 June 2012

The solo traveller

For some people, just the thought of travelling alone is enough to shake them to the core. However, you don't need to be brave, self-confident or worldly to make the world your oyster.

11 June 2012

Knitting makes bicycle-art

On Australia Day in Adelaide, I came across numerous bicycles, conscientiously covered in colourful knitting. It was part of a series of art events celebrating "everything bike" in connection with The Santos Tour Down Under, Australia's premier cycle event in January.

10 June 2012

Harbour Bridge, the Rocks and Royal Botanical Gardens

I was delighted to find that everything I was eager to see in Sydney was in a walking distance. The Opera house, The Harbour Bridge, The Royal Botanic Gardens, The Rocks and Darling Harbour.

7 June 2012

Margaret River- Dunsborough

In movies, vineyards are places where beautiful and successful people go to relax, find themselves and maybe even fall in love. The idea of working in a vineyard therefore seemed appealing to me. I wanted to walk amongst sunbathing vines in a never-ending landscape. Have a sip of wine and laughingly stomp grapes in a tub just like they do in the movies. The art of making wine however, is far from glamorous.        

5 June 2012

Sunshine Beach

Sunrise at Sunshine Beach
 The Sunshine Beach itself is just part of a breathtaking string of more than ten km of beaches. You can literally walk along the beach from where Sunshine Beach starts, all the way to the end at Coolum Beach. On the way you pass Sunrise Beach, Castaways Beach, Marcus Beach and Peregian Beach.

4 June 2012

Tomatoes and Meanies in Bowen

I thought I would never want to see a tomato again after working on "Eatough" tomato farm in Bowen, in the middle of nowhere. The supervisors treated us like worthless slaves and had us working thirteen hours a day for not much pay. The working hostel "Barnacles Backpackers" was absolutely dreadful. I shared a tiny room with thirteen others. The hostel managers treated us like scum of the earth. And the atmosphere felt more like imprisonment rather than a home.

3 June 2012

Eumundi strawberry farm

Strawberry season on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland goes from roughly beginning of June till November. At Eumundi Strawberry farm, where I worked, the last berry was picked in the beginning of December because of a late crop that year. If you want to land a job picking strawberries, you need to be early.