20 May 2012

Tasmania part 1- from Devonport to Hobart

Gorgeous "Wineglass bay" in Freycinet Nation Park
If you decide to take the trip to Tasmania, the best way to see the island is by car. If you already have been exploring the mainland by car and want to take it with you to Tassie, take the Spirit of Tasmania  from Melbourne.
The ferry arrives in Devonport. From there it is a short drive to Launceston which is Tasmanias' 2nd largest city(called Inceston by humorous locals). A small, pretty city which is worth a visit, night life and shopping is actually pretty good.

From Launceston I recommend taking the coast line through St.Helens all the way to Freycinet National Park where a short walk in the wilderness takes you to the "Wineglass Bay", named of course after the shape of the bay. If you choose to skip Freycinet National Park and drive inland, straight to Hobart, stop by in George Town, the cutest little town, for a rest and antique shopping. From there find your way through to Ross with beautiful old buildings, originating mostly from the middle to late 1800s. In 1821 a bridge was built over the Maquarie River, and Ross became a connection point between Launceston and Hobart. A great place to stop over for a coffee or pie on the way to Hobart.

Salamanca Markets on a Saturday

Once in Hobart the Salamanca market is held every Saturday from morning till afternoon. Buy fruits and vegetables, arts and crafts, tea and toffee, and amazing food from various stalls. The are a lot of places to eat, cozy coffee shops with good coffee and an atmosphere you only get in Tassie. Old buildings and new buildings side by side.  The park at Salamanca is small but gorgeous, well kept and holds several events, concerts, demonstrations and performances. 

Hobart from Mount Wellington

Don't miss Mount Wellington while you're in Hobart. The spectacular view from Tasmania's highest mountain is only a short drive away! 

Just be aware that it gets quite cold and windy at the top. When I was there in December there were still some patches of snow up there. 


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