11 May 2012

The Sydney Opera house tour

The Opera house in Sydney is one of the most visited performing arts centres in the world. The extraordinary building was opened by Queen Elisabeth II in 1973, and has since then had about seven million people visit, 1.2 million of these attend the 1500 events per year. It is surrounded by Sydney Harbour, the Royal Botanical Gardens and is in close vicinity of the Harbour Bridge and the historic area of The Rock. 
About 300 000 people choose to take a tour while they're visiting, as did I with my family. 35$ for a tour might sound like a lot, but it's a great investment. The guide seemed knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and gave a great tour worth every dollar. In addition to English, tours are available in French, German, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.
We also wanted to see a show while we were there, and was lucky enough to get the price of the concert ticket (Schubert's Great C Major) + a tour for 85$. I didn't have a lot expectations for the tour, I guess I just assumed it would be stupidly touristic. I was pleasantly surprised and highly recommend it! 

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