30 May 2012

Liberty Island

New York skyline from Liberty Island
Out of all the places I've been in the world, New York is my absolute favourite place. After seeing the city portrayed in countless TV-shows and movies, my expectations were incredibly high. I wanted to see it all: The Empire State building, The Rockefeller Plaza, The Statue of Liberty, MoMA, see a Ballet, a play on Broadway and the slightly less traditional Sex and the City bus tour.
First on my agenda: The statue of liberty!

The statue of liberty and Ellis Island
I met a fun Korean girl in my dorm who had her mind set on the same thing. We went there pretty early, (early for me anyway) and was there at about 9.30. The line for the boat to Liberty Island was already pretty long. We stood in line for about half an hour before we were on our way. Some crazy athletic kids made a living out of entertaining the crowd while we were in line though, waiting has never been more fun!

I held my breath watching this..
The 46 meters high statue has been an icon of freedom and of The United States since just about 1886 when it was donated from France. The gigantic statue was exactly as great as I imagined. I went inside the
The Lady of Liberty

From Liberty Island, Ellis Island museum of immigration is just a ferry ride away. The museum area is beautiful and definitely worth a visit. It gives a thorough picture of the immigrants who arrived at the nation's busiest immigrant station between 1892 to 1954. Who knows, maybe you'll find a relative's name and history somewhere?

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